A stable Ethereum fork with a suite of intuitive free tools for
launching infrastructure projects and implementing digital payments

What is 2Ether?

2Ether is a new Ethereum fork that aims to create an innovative space for IEO launches, decentralized trading, smart contract design, and startup crowdfunding.

Our mission

We aim to select the best of community ideas and bring them to life, building a framework where miners, developers, and the most promising infrastructure projects can thrive.

What's special about 2Ether?

By using novel data analysis algorithms, we gather the best insights, improvement proposals, and startups. Thanks to 2Ether, you can launch an IEO and get funding for your idea in just two days.

Challenges and solutions

2Ether doesn't promise unrealistic processing speeds or an instant transfer to proof-of-stake and other tech that
doesn't even exist yet. Instead, we offer solutions to real network problems and easy-to-implement use cases.


  • Block rewards for miners
    keep getting reduced
  • IEO fundraising is too
    expensive & unreliable
  • Available audit services have
    a low quality/price ration
  • Most of raised funds are spent
    on listing, not development


  • Dynamic, mission-specific
  • Automated IEO platform
    with immediate listing
  • Free crowdsourced and
    AI-powered smart contract audit
  • Built-in decentralized exchange
    with a near-zero listing fee

Innovative features

2Ether provides a convenient low-cost launchpad for promising startups and rewards all users who benefit the network.

Designed for use in real-world business

The key to-market strategy of 2Ether is to establish partnerships with global and regional crypto payment gateways and online businesses – eCommerce stores, gaming platforms, crowdfunding sites, and so forth.

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Free audit of smart contracts

For a project preparing for an IEO, smart contract audit is a crucial step. An audit report proves to potential investors that their funds are safe. Unfortunately, blockchain agencies charge large sums for contract audit – and don't always deliver a reliable result.

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Full IEO Automation

Initial exchange offerings have replaced ICOs as the preferred way of fundraising. Unfortunately, it was quickly turned into an industry. Major exchanges charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch an IEO – and don't provide any guarantee of success.

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2Ether DEX

We've designed 2EtherDEX to have the best of both worlds. It offers fully automated on-chain order execution and bullet-proof
protection against hacker attacks.

2EtherDEX – take your decentralized trading to a new level

Unlike on centralized exchanges, on 2EtherDEX you never risk losing your money. At the same time, you get solid liquidity, fast order matching, and a range of analytical tools.

You can choose from 3 blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, and TRON, easily trading any token issued in these networks. No listing fees and no trading fees except for the standard blockchain network fee.

Bounty campaign

You don't have to be a miner to obtain ET2 coins – all you need to do is join our pre-launch bounty campaign.
We have tasks for everyone – you decide how many tokens you want to earn.

2Ether generously rewards everyone who helps to spread the word about our project. To maximize your bounty, you can create original content about 2Ether, including video reviews on YouTube, articles, and blogs. As long as your content is unique, relevant, and hasn't been published anywhere else, you're guaranteed a good bounty. Alternatively, you can simply share our news and tweets or write short posts about 2Ether on Facebook and Twitter. To join our bounty, click on the Join Now button below. It will take you to our bounty thread with full campaign terms.

Claiming your free ET2 coins

Our network launch is coming on December 2, 2019.

Getting ET2 for free is very easy – here's what you' need to do:
Step 1

Hold any ether in a personal blockchain wallet at the time of our Ethereum network snapshot on December 2. Our system will automatically record how much ETH your address holds. Only personal wallets are supported, such as MEW, MetaMask, etc.

Step 2

After the snapshot, we'll distribute ET2 at a 1:1 ratio. So if you have ETH 5 in your wallet, we'll airdrop you ET2.

Step 3

Free 2Ether coins can be airdropped to ET2 Wallet or any wallet that supports ET2.

2Ether Wallet

We've designed a wallet that you will want to use every day. It's light, fast, and simple enough even for newbies –
yet it includes all the features and security you'd expect from an advanced wallet.

2Ether wallet features a full cross-platform synchronization and an intuitive design. All common operations require no more than three taps or clicks. You can store and convert ET2, BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, and hundreds of other tokens and coins. In the upcoming 2.0 release, we will introduce a built-in QR code scanner and user avatars for even more user-friendly contact lists.

  • Integration with the decentralized exchange
  • Contact lists
  • One-click payments with a QR code
  • Fiat conversions
  • Full ERC20 support

Project Timeline

We don't promise anything we can't deliver.
Our short-term roadmap includes only those features that are easy to build and will benefit the whole community.

Q2 2019

Formation of the team & ideation

Q3 2019

Fork planning & coding

Q4 2019

Network launch & bounty campaign

Q1 2020

Launch of the decentralized

Q2 2020

2Ether Wallet 2.0
release & gateway integrations

Q3 2020

Introduction of crowdsourced
smart contract audit

Q4 2020

Implementation of the
IEO platform and first IEOs

Q1 2021

AI algorithm for contract audit
is ready

Q2 2021

AI-based contract audit
and IEO evaluation


Is ET2 an ERC20 token?

No, it's a separate cryptocurrency with its own blockchain, built on the base of the Ethereum blockchain. ET2 has its own block rewards, average block time, and so on.

Is 2Ether a hard fork?

Not really. A hard fork is an update that you must accept to keep using a blockchain – for example, Constantinople is a hard fork of Ethereum. Using 2Ether doesn't prevent you from using Ethereum. They are two different things.

Does 2Ether support smart contracts and Solidity?

Yes, all dApps written in Solidity will work in the 2Ether blockchain. In the future, we will see if we should implement support for the Viper language.

How does the airdrop work?

We’ll award free ET2 coins to everyone who holds any ETH in a personal blockchain wallet at a 1:1 ratio. So if you have 1 ETH in your wallet, you’ll be airdropped 1 ET2. If you have 50 ETH, you’ll receive 50 ET2, and so on. To know which addresses are eligible, we’ll do a network snapshot on December 2, 2019, at 20:00 GMT. To learn more about how to get your free ET2 tokens, click on Get Now in the Wallet section above.

Will I get my free ET2 coins if my ether is stored on an exchange?

Unfortunately no. We have no way to determine how much ether is stored by each user in an exchange wallet. So if you still want to get free ET2, you’ll need to send your ether out of the exchange and into a personal wallet before the snapshot on December 2, 2019, at 20:00 GMT. Once the snapshot is done, you can transfer them back.

How do dynamic block rewards work?

The base reward slowly decreases with time to contain inflation. It's also adjusted for the current price every 30 minutes. When the market price falls, the reward increases to keep the miners from leaving the network. Finally, independent miners who use CPU and GPU hardware receive higher rewards than ASIC-powered mining farms. See the White Paper for more info.

Will 2Ether be much faster than Ethereum?

At first, our blockchain will run at more or less the same speed. We are looking at different scaling options, but they take time to implement. Our priority for now is to offer fair mining rewards and a good toolkit for launching IEOs.

Why do you need another decentralized exchange?

2EtherEX is integrated with our IEO platform. Once a project team holds an IEO, they need to list their token on an exchange – so it's logical that we provide one.

How can I earn money with 2Ether?

There are several monetization options. First, you can mine ET2 with your CPU or GPU hardware and enjoy increased block rewards. You can trade our coins or HODL them. Within the network, you can become a verifier and earn crypto by evaluating IEOs. If you are a blockchain developer or analysts, you can do smart contract audit.

How can you promise free smart contract audit?

On 2Ether, there will be different contract audit options – both free and paid. The free audit consists of a thorough automated check with some manual analysis and reporting. If you want your code to be reviewed line by line, you'll need to pay for a premium option.

Who will audit smart contracts?

We will attract a number of blockchain security experts to do the audit. Their knowledge will be properly vetted by the community and our team. For the free audit, they will get rating points and acquire a higher status in the network. This is important if a user wants to participate in the governance process. For paid audit, each auditor will receive part of the fee.

Can any project hold an IEO on 2Ether?

Any project that gets approved by the verifiers within the community can have an IEO. But the community will only allow projects with high utility and potential on the platform. Projects that propose to improve the general blockchain infrastructure will have much better chances than gambling projects, for example.

Is it free to hold an IEO?

Almost. There is a small fee (about $100) to submit the project's documents for evaluation, and then an IEO fee of circa $300 for the token sale itself. The fees are distributed among the verifiers in the community.

Why is your team anonymous?

All our team members are engaged in other blockchain projects, some of them quite well known. We'd like to keep 2Ether separate from those projects, so that in the eyes of the audience it doesn't become mixed up with other things we do.

Do you have a bounty program?

Yes we do. The easiest way to participate is to re-post and re-tweet our news on the social media – or write your own Facebook and Twitter posts about the project. If you want to maximize the number of ET2 you get, you should create original content: articles or video reviews.

At what point are you at the moment?

We are ready to launch the blockchain – with fixed block rewards for now. About four months after the launch, we'll be ready to release the decentralized exchange interface, with the smart contract audit functionality soon after that. Dynamic block rewards will be introduced 9 months after launch. You'll find more details in our Roadmap.